Monday, February 15, 2016

If You want More Fiber in Your Quilting Diet--Try This!

I've taken a break for a while, no real quilting news (shame on me), even though Pittsburgh has had some great quilting weather including today which was -1 degrees. But just to show I haven't been completely dormant, you should know that my quilting aesthetic has taken on a new medium-- Silk screen. I've decided that it's ok for me to find new ways to "applique" which in this case means printing on printed paper with ink. Since it was Black History month I decided to take on an American icon--Mammy-- and I have printed her or several different print papers. After pulling that squeegee across the frame several dozen times, my arms hurt, like I'd been scrubbing floors. "OOOoooweee," as my great grandmother might say. But the results were well worth it. Never be afraid to take on another medium. Especially when it can lead you back to quilting. Paper is fiber, after all. I'll be doing this on fabric soon with support from AIR (Artist Image Resource) in Pittsburgh, who taught me the process. Maybe you have something similar to this organization in your town. Once it's printed on fabric, I'll bet you can imagine what I'll do next :-)

In other news about sore buddy "That Man Quilts?" who I like to check in on from time to time, has been refolding his quilted blankets. It's the annual process we quilt collector's MUST DO if we want to keep those nasty stains and odd colored lines out of our fab collection for all posterity. It also keeps you aware if moths, bugs or any larva may have somehow crept into your precious collection. Click here for Lane's story.