Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working On Roberto

I was recently engaged to create a fiber piece for Pittsburgh Gateways depicting the image of the late, great Pittsburgh Pirate, Roberto Clemente. While it's still a work-in- progress, I find that I am falling in love with my work...not so much because its mine, but because Roberto is such a good-looking subject. I feel I can't make a wrong stitch, because THAT face looks amazing from every angle. Although always interested in sports, I'm not huge fan of any one in particular, but I found myself actually researching this great American from Carolina, Puerto Rico. Years after his untimely death, Clemente still has an active world-wide fan base, and was honored a few years ago by having one of the few museums on the planet curated (by Duane Rieder of Pittsburgh, PA) for one single baseball player. It could be the four silver bats he earned during his stellar career, or the the way he took time to pray on the mound before every game. I believe his actions may have set the stage for Hollywood's habit of coupling "heaven and baseball" that lasts to this day. It could also be because during his 18 years in the game, Roberto won every award possible in major league baseball. Sure, it could be a lot of things. But I'm just as sure that it was his clean cut looks and incredibly winning smile. I can only hope to do him justice! If you are ever passing through Pittsburgh be sure the visit the Roberto Clemente Museum. Well worth the trip and more filling that a bag of popcorn!

Paper Tiger/"Quilting With Alternative "Fibers"

Never underestimate the the mind of a quilter. We never know how or what we'll "quilt" next. I decided to take a gamble with paper and create some collages with the same "eye" I use for creating a fabric quilt--total improvisation and no thought to any specific design. It was a delightful experiment and has made a definite impact on all my future creative processes.