Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From My House to Yours

January 7th, 2014. It's soooooooooo cold! Record weather watches in 50 states. We're being warned: "Don't go out." So what does a quilter do in times like these? QUILT! My neighbors deserve a little post Christmas gift for watching out for me and my home, so I made them a wall hanging featuring their lovely home to reciprocate for the lovely wreath their young daughter made for my front door this past holiday season. I often enjoy watching their family in warmer weather: A father, mother and two small children. it so reminds me of my days as a young mother, raising my brood of three. The laughter, the songs, the running back and forth. They are like subjects in a Norman Rockwell painting, reminding me of what peace we have in America. I hope my gift becomes a part of their daily decor and happy memories for years to come. It's nice to know that as long as you can thread a needle, you can always make something by hand to show people how much they are appreciated every day of the year.