Saturday, March 23, 2013

Get Your Readers on!

Another great post from "That Man Quilts?"
Called "House Guests and Hand Grenades." Click here.
What miniature house doesn't deserve a mini quilt?
Below, one of the miniature house bedrooms he creates. This one has wallpaper he created from photo copying and shrinking a life size pattern.

Gee's Bend Quilters Exhibit

Everyone knows my love of Gee's Bend and its quilters. Since attending a workshop in the historic community two years ago, I have still to let go of the magic that came from the experience. I was pleased to learn that the Arts Clayton Gallery (770-473-5457)in Jonesboro, Georgia,will host a showing of their work, and their artists on April 5th-May 13th, 2013. Go if you can!

Also read about Gee's Bend and my adventure, here.

The University Prep Quilt at The ZONE

Zone quilt at ARTica Gallery 2013 Geek Art/ Green Innovator's Festival

Detail of  Zone Quilt
The quilt in progress
The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts speaks to the city through it many art projects and programs that allow for local talent to work in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, City parks, and other educational institutions, who utilize their teaching artist program. I have been fortunate enough this fall and winter to be placed at U-prep (formerly Margret Milliones) Middle School where students are creating a fiber project which will one day hang at a community institution in their neighborhood. Meanwhile the students learn about  their communities historic places, the joys of quietude, pre-planning and a life skill that could one day save a pair of pants :-

The quilt aptly named "The Hill is Our Home" will be featured at the Geek Art Green Innovator's festival on April 5th, 2013 from 6 pm to 9 pm with guests Knit the Bridge @ ARTica Gallery 5110 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15224.